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The occasional services form a vital point of contact within our community and the clergy team are ever ready to respond to request.

Weddings are popular within the team. We are restricted by the need for a qualifying link before we can conduct services, but will always try and be as helpful as possible in meeting requests.


We have an open baptism policy, welcoming all comers from within our Totnes Team. Please don't hesitate to get in touch. 


Funerals are a sensitive issue, but nevertheless enable the clergy team to support and pastorally care. We enjoy a good relationship with all our local undertakers and seek to provide a supportive and personal service.

Funerals: £217

Weddings: £505, Calling of Banns: £34

Verger: Funerals: £35, Weddings: £50 
Organist: Funerals: £75, Weddings: £120 
Bells: £160 
Heating: October to May (inclusive): £40 

Further Information: Liz Waterson Totnes Team Fees Admin                    01803 849345

Totnes Team Ministry Fees 2023

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