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Costs per session:


Hourly rate:                                                                 

Church worship area            £22 per hour (£19 per hour for regular users)                          

Mezzanine (First floor)          £15.50 per hour (£13.50 per hour for regular users)                                                            

Hall (Top floor)                      £21 per hour (£18 per hour for regular users)                                                                 

Meeting Room (Top floor)   £17 per hour (£14.50 per hour for regular users)


Registered charities: May apply for, and may receive, a discounted rate at the discretion of the Church. 

All charges will be reviewed annually in June   




Christian Place of Worship: St. John’s Church is a consecrated place of Christian worship, and therefore bookings are not accepted for any activities or events that negate, or which may have the tendency to undermine, the Christian faith. Performances or events involving a danger to the public or which are of a sexually explicit or of an offensive nature are not permitted.

Conduct Hirers are responsible to ensure that anyone who comes on to the St. John’s premises to attend their event acts in a safe and lawful manner toward others in the building and toward the premises. Anyone who does not act in such a safe and lawful manner should be asked to leave the premises forthwith. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that no noise or behaviour arises that unreasonably disturbs other users of the building or residents in the local area.


Liability: Totnes with Bridgetown PCC accepts no liability or responsibility for the conduct or actions of any person attending the premises for an event subject to a hiring agreement. Hirers are responsible to ensure that their event is conducted safely for the protection of all. 

Safeguarding: Any lets/bookings where children and/or vulnerable adults will be present MUST complete the Diocese of Exeter ‘Hirers of Church Premises’ statement. Organisations that hire church premises for work with these groups MUST also have a full Safeguarding Policy of their own and MUST provide a full copy of this to the Church before the booking commences.

Covid-19: The Hirer is responsible for the Covid safety of all who use St John’s. Groups that hire the building now need to make their own decisions about seating arrangements and create their own risk assessments. The church will continue to provide hand gel and sanitiser and ask that any surfaces touched, and all door handles, are wiped at the end of the booking and that windows are opened for plenty of ventilation. 

Film Projection: Children attending the premises should be restricted by their parents or guardians from viewing age-restricted films classified according to the recommendations of the British Board of Film Classification. Hirers must ensure that they have any necessary licence to project a film within the premises.

Damage: Any damage caused to the premises must be reported to the booking secretary within 24 hours of its occurrence.

Damage and cleaning deposit: A damage and cleaning deposit of £100 is payable for every one-off event and concert, except for events using the audio-visual system, in which case the damage and cleaning deposit is £200. Where there are no damage or cleaning issues that arise out of the hire, the returnable damage and cleaning deposit will be transferred back into the Hirer’s bank account. 

Cancellation: A cancellation fee of 50% of the hire charge will be payable when an event is cancelled less than one week before commencement.

Hire Payment: For a one-off event or concert, full payment of the hire charge, and damage deposit are required two weeks beforehand. Regular bookings are invoiced monthly. All invoices are due fourteen days after the date of invoice. Cheques are to be made payable to Totnes with Bridgetown PCC. The preferred method of payment is by direct deposit. Direct deposits can be made into the Totnes with Bridgetown PCC Barclays Bank account: A/C 40192260 sort code 20-60-88 

Capacity Hirers are to ensure that, for public safety, numbers in the worship area or the upper hall are not to exceed two hundred in each room.

Safety: The Hirer is responsible for briefing their responsible staff concerning safety arrangements for each event. Each Hirer must ensure that they have conducted their own risk assessment and have worked out an emergency evacuation plan. Be aware of where the fire exits, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits are located. For their safety and security, the Hirer must ensure that only people attending their event are allowed in the building and on leaving, especially in locking up, ensure that the building has been fully vacated. The address of the premises for the emergency services is St. John’s Church, Bridgetown, Totnes, TQ9 5AB.

Accidents: The Hirer must report all accidents involving personal injury to the booking secretary within twenty-four hours, and record the accident in the Accident Book, which is in the ground floor kitchen. All serious incidents are to be reported immediately to Totnes Rectory (01803 865615)

Disabled Persons: The Hirer must ensure that arrangements are in place for evacuating disabled or infirm persons in the event of an emergency.

Equipment: The Hirer must ensure that all equipment brought into the premises is fit for its intended purpose and compliant with Health and Safety regulations. All electrical equipment must be compliant with the “Portable Appliance Testing” regulations.

Cleaning: All rooms and areas must be left tidy and clean, as you found them, with floors swept and rubbish removed.


Smoking: There is a no-smoking policy covering the whole of the building. 


Alcohol: May be consumed on the premises, but not sold, as we are not a licensed premises. (Anyone violating this provision may be refused future use).


Worship Area Restriction: No food or drink may be taken into the worship area. Food and drink can be served in the foyer and in the upper hall.

Supervision: The Hirer is responsible for the effective supervision of their activities on the premises, and will be responsible for the fabric and contents of the premises. The Hirer shall make good or pay for all damage (including accidental damage) to the premises or to the fixtures, fittings, or contents, or for loss of contents.

Evening Events: Including all music and performance, must cease by 10 pm. Hirers must have vacated the premises by 11.00 pm. In the event that Hirers have not vacated by 11.00 pm, a late caretaker fee of up to £200 will become payable, which fee may be deducted from the damage and cleaning deposit.


Amplified music: Not permitted at the premises.


Child Supervision: For their safety, children must be supervised at all times, and not left unattended. 


Hazardous Materials: The Hirer must ensure that no highly combustible, hazardous substances or equipment are brought onto the premises. Candles are not permitted on the premises.


Health and Hygiene: The Hirer shall, if serving or selling food, observe all relevant food health and hygiene legislation and regulations.


Insurance: The Totnes with Bridgetown PCC has public liability Insurance. The Hirer must ensure that adequate insurance cover is taken out for their own activity or event. 


Stored Equipment: St John’s accepts no responsibility for any stored equipment or other property brought on to, or left, at the premises, and all such liability for loss or damage is hereby excluded.


Alterations: No fixtures or decorations may be installed, attached, or removed, without prior approval. Blu-tac, sticky tape, or other fixing products are not to be used on the fabric of the building.


Keys Hirers: Those who make regular bookings, and who hold keys to the premises, are not permitted to make additional copies of the building keys.


Car Parking: When using the premises Hirers are permitted to use any of the St. John’s marked parking areas in the rear car park. St. John’s accepts no liability for injury, damage, or accidents that arise as a result of the use of the car park during the Hirer’s event.  


Publicity of Activities and Events: We are happy to publicise your event. Please send any posters/flyers to us at St. John’s Church, Bridgetown, Totnes TQ9 5AB. Or, please fill in the attached forms when making your booking.


Departure Checklist - Please ensure:


  • Any room furniture used is returned to its original position 

  • If used, the light on the bottom of the projector in the worship area is showing red/orange and not green.

  • Lights are switched off

  • Windows are closed

  • If used, water heaters are turned-off and kettles unplugged in the kitchens

  • If used, the kitchen areas are left clean and tidy

  • Doors are locked 

  • Rubbish is removed

  • The building is completely vacated of people

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