Totnes Street Pastors

The Totnes Team Ministry supports Totnes Street Pastors.  Totnes Street Pastors are ecumenical  volunteers working in the night time economy to ‘listen, care and help’ on Fridays from 9.30pm to 1am. For more information see their website:


Totnes Connection Hub

The Totnes Team Ministry supports Totnes Connection Hub. Run by volunteers, but working with major statutory agencies, including the local Eco network, the Connection Hub is available to help the vulnerable and those in need. They aim to help people from surviving to thriving. They provide a wide variety of services including a food bank, help with housing and applications for Universal Credit. Free shower and washing facilities and packed lunches for the homeless (and anyone currently in need) and help with drug and alcohol issues. They also run several support groups.  For further information about receiving help or volunteering/supporting the work,  see their website:  01803840354  2a Burke Road Industrial Estate TQ9 5XL

Freedom Centre Fun House, Café  and holistic treatment centre

This is a not for profit business 2 doors down from the Connection Hub. All monies raised go to support with work of the Connection Hub Centre, Unit 1, Horizons Building, Burke Road, Industrial Estate Totnes TQ9 5XL

Community & Safeguarding

If you have a concern about the safety of someone or the actions of someone working with children or vulnerable adults, please speak
to either:


Our Parish Safeguarding Rep -

Elizabeth Waterson 01803 849345
 or The Diocesan Safeguarding Team