St Mary's Totnes

Heritage Trust

Totnes St Mary’s Heritage Trust was registered in 2019 as the successor to two community projects: the St Mary’s Restoration and Reordering Project, run by Totnes with Bridgetown Parochial Church Council; and the St Mary’s Heritage Area Project, run by Totnes Trust. The Church Restoration and Reordering project was established in 2008 to tackle the increasingly urgent external repairs which had caused the church to be put on the Buildings at Risk register. Essential work involves rectifying crumbling Devon red sandstone masonry and Beer stone dressings, deteriorating stone windows, penetrating damp, and worn out leadwork. The interior also needs many repairs to walls, floors and other fabric, plus the replacement of old heating and other service installations. The cost of this work is estimated at about £4 million.To find out more about St Mary's Totnes Heritage Trust please visit the website.

To find out more about the St Mary's Totnes Heritage Trust Project please visit the website.