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St Mary's Dartington

St Mary’s is open during the week and welcomes you to come in for a moment of quiet, private prayer                                         and to light candles  in memory of those special to you.

Sunday Services:

Second Sunday of each month at 10.30am: Celtic Holy Communion.

Fourth Sunday of each month at 10.30am: Dartington Morning Praise.

Churchwarden: Sue Robertson. Email:

Licenced Lay Minister: Liz Waterson. Email:

Information re Funerals, Monuments, Weddings and Baptisms, including fees:

Liz Waterson, LLM, Totnes Team Fees Admin:                                                                                          (NB there is no fee for baptisms)

Dartington Churchyard: Contact the Church Warden Sue Robertson:

To hire Dartington Church Hall (opposite the church) Email: 


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